Employer Information

How to Apply: the Employer Application Process

The application process consists of a series of short online forms.

  • Companies interested in the program can fill out an initial Company Application to begin.

  • Companies can then submit a Placement Application for each student work placement they desire to submit to the program.

    • Already know which student you'd like to fill the position? Get them to fill out an Student Application with proof of enrollment and your work placement will be processed shortly.

    • Want some help finding the right student for the job? Request a collaborative candidate search in your Placement Application and a program specialist will contact you to assist you to advertise the opportunity with post-secondary programs. We encourage companies to simultaneously advertise the opportunity on their usual hiring boards, as many of our students are active in searching for careers


Your wage subsidies of 50% of wages paid (maximum $5,000) will be processed at the completion of each placement. A program specialist will contact you after the placement completion to request proof of wages and an EFT authorization to process your reimbursement from the Alberta Food Processors Association.

AFPA Employer Info Guide.pdf