Start your Application Online

The application process is via a series of online forms.


Please fill out Step 1 & Step 2. If you already have a candidate in mind, please guide them to fill out the form in Step 3. If you would like help finding a suitable candidate, select the appropriate option in your placement application (Step 2) and we will get in touch to begin a collaborative candidate search.


Please fill out Step 3. You will be prompted for one of two different application streams:

  • Stream 1: You have already accepted a student work placement with a company in this program. You will be asked for the company name that has agreed to hire you to confirm your placement and proof of enrollment (e.g. most recent transcripts, letter of registration, etc.).

  • Stream 2: You would like to be considered for student work placement opportunities. You will require a resume and proof of enrollment (e.g. most recent transcripts, letter of registration, etc.). Your information will be forwarded to potential employers for consideration. Please note, all hiring decisions/negotiations are made by individual employers, and not by the program administrators.

Please contact a program specialist with any questions.

For first time company participants, or if your company information or point-of-contact has changed.

Fill out a short application with your company’s information to be approved for participation in the program. This will include a check to ensure that they do not have unsatisfied employment standards judgments against them.

Please provide us with a point of contact with your company for the granting process.

For each Student Placement with your company.

Submit a short application for each placement detailing the proposed assignment (duration, wage paid, duties, etc.).

If you already have a candidate in mind, they can now fill out their Student Application to complete the placement submission. Otherwise, we can work with you to find a student match.

If your company already has a student in mind, they can fill out this brief student form to streamline your application. AFPA can also assist you with a collaborative candidate search.

Are you a student interested in potential job opportunities through Food Futures? Submit your student application to provide us with your information to be considered for placement opportunities.